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Profile Setup Tips
  • Licensee Name – Please use the name you want on the forms here. A common mistake here has been using a shortened name or not indicating that you are licensed as a Personal Real Estate Corporation in this field (this field will be “stamped” onto the forms in the name fields for you)
  • Brokerage Name – As above, please use your brokerages entire name. If you sometimes don’t use the entire name (take realty off the end, or take the brand off the front or … some version of that), please just use the whole thing in this field because this field will be stamped onto the forms for you as well!
  • Brokerage Email – This is another place that the forms will be emailed for you. (you will also get the form emailed back to you at the end). Many brokerages have created an email specifically for these disclosure forms to be sent in to – this is that email address!
  • Assistant Email – This is yet another place that the forms can be emailed for you. Some agents have an assistant that handles paperwork on the agent's behalf. This allows a copy of forms to be automatically sent to that assistant.
  • Mobile # – This field helps us provide you with better support
  • DORT Video – (British Columbia Agents only) – this allows you to include a video explanation at the top of Disclosure of Representation documents that are sent from the system.
  • Commission – This field should be the commission you charge the most. If you have a set rate you always charge, it should be that. If it varies, pick the commission you most often charge. The radio buttons allow you to choose percentages, percentage with a bonus and straight fixed (we’ve also provided a radio button to allow you to change the threshold where the commission changes to something other than $100,000 should you need that option). Fear not, you will not be bound by these numbers – indeed, as you create a listing in the system, you will always have a chance to review these numbers and change them before you create the listing
  • Signature – We’ve found it easier for many people to put in their signature on a phone/tablet. You are welcome to complete it on your computer, but, this will also give you an opportunity to load the app on your phone for future use!