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Remote FINTRAC (FINTRAC individuals not physically present)
  1. Open the ReallyTrusted App (access the app using whatever platform you’d like)
  2. Tap “Remote FINTRAC” and then tap “Someone New” (Unless the person you are attempting to ID is already in your system, in which case, tap their name and follow the on-screen instructions which may differ depending on what we already have gathered about that person)
  3. Enter your clients First Name and Email address (Entering their Last name is recommended as it will make your contacts easier for you to navigate, but is not mandatory) and hit “Save”
  4. Tap "Email Contact a Remote FINTRAC Request"
  5. Go on with your day doing other things! Tip – We do recommend you let your clients’ know that you will be sending them this request as people are, quite rightly, concerned about who is asking for their personal information and whether or not it’s legitimate.
  6. You will get an email from ReallyTrusted after your client has provided us the necessary information. That email will be titled “Remote FINTRAC Submitted”. Tap “You can review their submission by tapping here”
  7. Please review the information, look at the driver’s license and ensure that you agree with our AI system and tap “Accept This Submission”
    ** Note – there are time when our system will not allow you to accept the submission. When that happens, that is because there is an inconsistency in the data your client provided us. Please read the notes at the top of the page and pass on any relevant info to your client based on your review of the images they provided. However, it is possible that the ID is not valid and/or some other fraud is being attempted – we will not be able to override the AI in such cases.
  8. You will now be asked to answer a few questions on a series of screens:
    • Address – Confirm the clients’ address (the barcode information will not be up to date if the client has moved since the card was issued). If it is correct, hit save
    • Occupation – Answer whether or not they are retired, their occupation and their employer
    • Purpose and Intended Nature – Answer the purpose of the business relationship (or – the type of real estate you are helping this client with)
    • Third Party – Ask your client whether they are conducting the transaction on behalf of a third party and then input their answer along with your answer to whether you have any grounds to suspect a third party
    • Transaction Address – if you already know the address of the transaction, enter it here. If you don’t, select Transaction Address Currently Unknown.
    • Once you tap “Create Individual Identification Record” an individual FINTRAC ID form will be created and emailed back to you
  9. If you have made a mistake on any of these steps, tap the "Back to Contact FINTRAC Summary" button. Now tap “Update” below the information you need to correct. Once you have saved the correct information, tap “Collect Missing Information” and continue filling in whatever fields are missing. After all required information is collected, the “Create Individual Identification Record” button will become available to create a new document with the updated information. The Transaction Address will need to be confirmed as part of the update.
  10. To return to the contact's FINTRAC information in the future, from the app's Home screen (tap "Home" at the top of any screen of the app to reach it), tap on “Contacts”, tap “Show” to the right of your clients’ name and then tap on “FINTRAC”.