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Manual FINTRAC - Manual Data Entry on Mobile or Desktop Device (when the other methods won't work)
Primarily, the only time you should need the use of the manual method is if your client is using a piece of ID not currently supported on the system (Passports and Enhanced Driver’s licenses, etc). Outside of the above, there should not be any reason to use the manual entry proces (remember – it is not acceptable under FINTRAC or privacy regulations to have your clients email you a photo of their ID or to have them read you the data from their ID over the phone). If you are completing a manual FINTRAC, we would urge you to contact either us or your FINTRAC compliance officer for clarification as to why you think it is necessary.
  • Open the ReallyTrusted App (access the app using whatever platform you’d like)
  • Tap "Contacts". Either “Add a Contact” or find your clients name in the Active Contacts list below and press the “Show” button to the right of their name
  • Tap "FINTRAC".
  • Depending on how much/little information we have previously gathered for your client, you will have a slightly different workflow. But, tapping on “Collect Missing Information” will walk you through filling in all of the necessary information
  • Once you tap “Create Individual Identification Record” an individual FINTRAC ID form will be created and emailed back to you
  • If you have made a mistake on any of these steps, tap the "Back to Contact FINTRAC Summary" button. Now tap “Update” below the information you need to correct. Once you have saved the correct information, tap “Collect Missing Information” and continue filling in whatever fields are missing. After all required information is collected, the “Create Individual Identification Record” button will become available to create a new document with the updated information. The Transaction Address will need to be confirmed as part of the update.
  • To return to the contact's FINTRAC information in the future, from the app's Home screen (tap "Home" at the top of any screen of the app to reach it), tap on “Contacts”, tap “Show” to the right of your clients’ name and then tap on “FINTRAC”.