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In-Person FINTRAC (Automatic Document Scan on Mobile Device)
  1. Open the ReallyTrusted App on your mobile phone or tablet. Our automated in-person workflow relies on the camera on your device and is thus only available using the mobile app. See our manual data entry article for use with unsupported documents or from a desktop computer.
  2. Tap "Scan DL/ID Barcode for FINTRAC"
  3. Bring the barcode on your clients Driver’s license or Government ID (in BC, it’s the larger, bottom left hand barcode on the back of the ID) towards the camera
  4. The app will automatically grab the data from the document using that barcode
  5. You will now be asked to answer a few questions on a series of screens
    • Address – Confirm the clients’ address (the barcode information will not be up to date if the client has moved since the card was issued). If it is correct, hit save
    • Occupation – Answer whether or not they are retired, their occupation and their employer
    • Purpose and Intended Nature – Answer the purpose of the business relationship (or – the type of real estate you are helping this client with)
    • Third Party – Ask your client whether they are conducting the transaction on behalf of a third party and then input their answer along with your answer to whether you have any grounds to suspect a third party
    • Transaction Address – if you already know the address of the transaction, enter it here. If you don’t, select Transaction Address Currently Unknown.
  6. Once you tap “Create Individual Identification Record” an individual FINTRAC ID form will be created and emailed back to you
  7. If you have made a mistake on any of these steps, tap the "Back to Contact FINTRAC Summary" button. Now tap “Update” below the information you need to correct. Once you have saved the correct information, tap “Collect Missing Information” and continue filling in whatever fields are missing. After all required information is collected, the “Create Individual Identification Record” button will become available to create a new document with the updated information. The Transaction Address will need to be confirmed as part of the update.
  8. To return to the contact's FINTRAC information in the future, from the app's Home screen (tap "Home" at the top of any screen of the app to reach it), tap on “Contacts”, tap “Show” to the right of your clients’ name and then tap on “FINTRAC”.