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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try things out just to see how things work?

Tap "Profile" on the top-right of every screen of the app, then tap "Demo Mode". When in demo mode, all consumer emails are re-directed to you, and copies of documents are not sent to your brokerage. Documents/Contacts created in demo mode are hidden when you exit demo mode. This is allows you to try things out & see how things work on your own. Demo mode is available even if you don't have a subscription to the app.

I’ve created a DORT or a DERP, how do I know my client has received the email asking them to sign?

The app will automatically send your clients an email after you create the form. As long as you entered your clients email correctly, they will be sent the email.

What happens if my clients’ don’t sign?

The app is going to give your clients 30 hours to review and sign. If they haven’t signed after that time, the system will email it to you and your brokerage (without a signature). It's possible for them to to sign the form for up to 90 days after the form is first created. Regardless of whether or not they sign, your clients will still have access to the information and the form.

When do I get a copy of the form?

You will get the form the sooner of:

  • a few moments after your client completes all unsigned spaces on the form, or
  • 30 hours after you create the form (if they haven’t signed)
  • 30 hours after the form was last signed/changed (after new signatures are received, the document is re-submitted to you and your brokerage)

Can I have a copy sooner?

Sure you can! On the Summary page, you can download the completed PDF. Obviously, if your client hasn’t signed yet, it won’t have their signature (also, given that the app is going to email both you and the brokerage a copy once it’s done, we’re not sure why you need it – but, it’s there if you really, really want it!)

What about if I don’t have an email address?

If you, as a realtor, don’t have an email address, we offer tech consulting and we’d be happy to chat with you about getting you set up.

If you don’t have a consumer’s email address, that’s ok! The best solution here is if you are physically standing with the person you are sending a form to. In this case, click on “Sign Now” (next to their name, below the words “Collect in Person”) on the Summary page and hand them your phone/tablet/computer to read/review and sign. If, however, handing them a device isn’t practical, we’d suggest you pull out a printed copy of the form, show it to them in person (and let them keep the form) and use the app to track the interaction (we would recommend putting a comment in the notes if this is a DORT). When an email address is not entered, the form will allow for signatures for the usual 30 hours after which time it will be emailed off to you and your brokerage without a signature.