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Creating Disclosures of Representation in Trading Services (DORTs)
  • The only mandatory fields are a selection between Client/Non-Client and a Consumer name (doesn’t even have to be a name, a descriptor is fine)
  • We do recommend using the notes section liberally to ensure that you can remember the interaction in the future should you ever need to do so
  • As with all of our forms, it remains the agent’s responsibility to explain the form itself. We believe that we have provided a good synopsis of the information, but, ultimate responsibility for explaining the forms remain the responsibility of the agent
  • If you don’t have an email address (and/or happen to be sitting with your client/consumer), we highly recommend the use of the “Initial Now” button for in-person collection of initials. This is particularly powerful as it will send both you and your office a copy of the completed form almost right away, and you will thus no longer have to track that form at all
  • If you do have an email address, you can rest assured that regardless of whether or not your client initials, as soon as you’ve created the form, it will eventually get emailed to both you and your brokerage (so, again, you won’t have to worry about it again). It will get emailed 30 hours after creation at the latest (but, if your clients initial sooner, it will be emailed at that point)