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Brokerage User Quick Start Guide
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create New Account and enter in your name, email and password
    • In the “where did you hear about us” field, enter in your brokerage’s referral code (if you don’t know it, please contact us and/or your brokerage)
  3. Click on Profile (top right hand menu bar) and General Settings
    • Complete all the fields available there (don't worry - your default commission can also be changed on a per listing basis)
  4. Click on Update General Settings and then click on Manage Signature
    • Fill in your signature (will be “stamped” onto PDF’s for you)
    • Click on Set Signature
  5. Check your email for a message from us asking you to verify your email address
    • Click on “Confirm My Account” in that email
  6. Add a bookmark on your desktop computer to to make it easier to use the app again.
  7. Install our mobile application (click here if you need a link to it) & log in to your account on the mobile application.

You are now set up and can practice creating FINTRAC, DORTs, DERPs, DRUPs, and Privacy Forms through our system! We recommend creating each of the forms with you as the client so that you can see the messaging that goes out and can understand how to do it. Don’t worry, you are currently in Demo Mode.. nothing will be sent to your brokerage until you’re ready!

Once you have done enough practice to feel comfortable with how the App works, click the link marked “click here to exit demo mode”. You are now live and set up! The demo forms & listings that you entered into your account will be removed so that you can start fresh.

Any forms you create going forward will (once signed/initialed by your client and/or the 30 hour time limit is reached) be emailed back to you and to your brokerage! We highly recommend Manage Your listings proactively (load them when you load them on MLS) to make DERPing your clients even easier when you get an offer.